When creating this video we just wanted to have some fun like usual, and considering it was going to be the last one for the class we wanted to make it entertaining. So we picked a awesome song to get the mood set (which was to make you dance) and we thought what couldn’t be a better video than dancing all around of Heritage and making a fool of myself.. so thats exactly what we did and the video worked out great and give props to Alex for walking backwards the whole video!!!

This video was a lot of stress we where going to do “The Monty python and the holy grail” but with how many people ditched and videos were getting lost, it just took to long and we had one day to edit and turn it in. So we decided to do the scene from “The Hangover” called “Wolf Pack” the scene was easy and fun and it was super easy to edit and I want to say thanks for everyone that tryed to do the Monty python, but hey S**t happens….

The Transition video was the first  video i did on my own, it was kinda scary cause it was all on me, but i knew it would be a lot of fun and i wanted to take the challenge! i didnt know what to do for the video?!?! but and idea popped into my head, having a camera around your neck all day and record the world through my eyes, so thats exactly what i did with some music and some transitions that Mr.Strong wanted i had an amazing video that i loved as well as Mr.Strong. This was definitely my favorite video project.

This was the very first video I ever did in my life. It was a fresh start for me a brand new school and a brand new class, i was really confused what Mr.Strong was expecting from me and with some help with some good friends i got the hang of it really fast and we did the project together, we got assigned to do a documentary based video, so we got a couple of students to say there personal opinion about Mr.Strong. ¬†and with some good “B” shots and good interviews we made a really cool and loving video about Mr.Strong and im pretty sure it made him feel good about the video.